Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The New House

The boy's room

 The girl's room (Before)


The living room


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween costumes

Last year I didn't make costumes as they wanted to be superheroes and I wasn't up to all that.  Especially as B wanted to be Captain America.  Thanks, but I ain't sewing that:)  This year, however, was much easier.  J wanted to be a Barbie Three Musketeers character from one of her movies, which included a ball gown, cape, mask and sword.  Done!  B was a medieval soldier.  For both costumes we picked up bits and pieces from here and there during our travels.  Her sword, his shield and his helmet came from parts of France, and his sword was from Germany.  Her mask we bought in Venice, and his collar is from his dad's old stuff.  The tabard and dress were made be me.  Fun times, and they have cool souvenirs!
(Forgive little B's face, I felt more comfortable adding an odd mask to the ensemble than just posting his face.  )

 I had a pattern for a dress I loved, but it was too small.  I had a pattern that was the right size, but not really the right dress.  Shockingly, I mixed the two and came up with something that worked fairly well.  I learned a lot about dress construction from the process, that's for sure!

 She really wanted a cape, and I wasn't sure how to add one.  I didn't want to tie it around her neck, you would have lost the ball gown effect of the dress.  This was my idea, I added a few diamond looking buttons to the back, and added holes to the cape.  Removable, cute, and still fancy, DONE!

B's was fairly easy, just a basic tunic.  I was going to leave the sides open, but he wanted actual sleeves.  Fortunately I hadn't narrowed the sides yet and had plenty of room.

For her belt I actually stitched on the ribbon.  I didn't want it sliding up, and so this worked best.  I left a section not stitched down so we could tighten it slightly and tie a big bow.  I added this bit of ribbon so she could carry her sword and not have the hook look weird on the dress.  All in all I think it worked out well!  I added a slip skirt underneath that had a ruffle to both bulk up the skirt and to add the contrasting ruffle.  Fortunately I'd already made one!  Came in handy.

They were both really happy with their costumes, and they were both awfully cute in them.  I'm glad I took the time to make them, as I am every year I get the chance.  It's a bit of work, but I love the fact that they get what they want, and they get to be unique.  It's a joy for me!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween is Jaina's favorite time of year, so she asks that we do serious decorating.  I put halloween fabrics over the existing canvases to make it more festive.

Our pumpkin section.  Though they've reclaimed the cups, so I lost those!

Again, fabric over canvas.  Simple, easy.  The spiders are paper spiders that I just stuck in the corner, one from each kid.

Wood paitings I did back in the day, like a decade ago.  They are still cute though!

Mom's handy work around the house, too.  Made, oh, 25 years ago?  Still kickin'!

One of Jaina's walls.  She's been adding to this one, and to another.  I'll update those later:)

So this was the first draft.  Franky in the doorway, Halloween quilt on the couch, canvases covered in fabrics, and family crafting spread through the house.  It's cheery and fun, and it made the girl happy, which is really what I care about!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving from Hungary

*note:  this post is almost entirely self-serving.  It has nothing to do with quilts or decorating, and everything to do with me leaving Europe.  As I've closed comments, this is more about me saying goodbye than it is anything else.  Though, you might enjoy the sights anyway!

I'm kinda nervous about leaving, we've been here going on 3 years and it seems odd to think we won't be here any longer.  I'm not one of those that made great Hungarian friends (heck, I didn't make good American friends here!) and I didn't see every inch of the country, and yet it still seems like this is home.  Sorta.  It's been home long enough to feel safe and comfortable.  Regardless of the language barrier it was still a barrier I understood and became equipped to deal with.  We are headed to a place almost as equally strange to me: Florida.  I'm a Cali girl, with family in Utah.  I'm use to that world, and the idea of being so far from them and in a new state is nerve wracking.  Though, for all of that, I'm so excited to be heading home.  To a country where I can go into have a vehicle inspection done and not need to spend 10 minutes waiting for them to find someone who speaks english, and spend another 10 minutes with them on the phone with my interpreter trying to figure out that, yes, I do have an appointment, and yes, it's just for a routine inspection.  Sheesh, that I won't miss.  I'm also looking forward to being in a place with gymnastics, t-ball, football, ballet, and scouts for my kids.  I'm looking forward to being able to tell the cashier that I forgot something, and that I'll be right back.  I'm looking forward to being able to go to a movie, or to a mall and find clothes made for women that aren't way short and skinny (I'm neither:)  I'm also looking forward to going into a store in October and seeing decorations.  I'm looking forward to having all the stores closed on the 4th Thursday in November.  I'm looking forward to Christmas specials on TV, and stores bustling with activity.  I'm looking forward to not having to stay up till 2 in the morning trying to watch a football game.  I'm looking forward to home.  The sights, the sounds, the ideas, the attitudes.  Culture is very important, and for me, I've been gone from my culture for long enough.  This is our 2nd time overseas, and I would go overseas again, but we need to be home for a while.  With that, I'll leave a few pics of the places we went while we were here.  Well, as I only have the last few months on my hard-drive, I'll just put photos from this summer.  Pics here don't include: Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Holland, Lake Bled in Slovenia, etc, or the local area.  However, here is what we did over our summer vacation (er...  NOT in order)
 Croatia: the view from our apartment in Zadar.
 Germany: The alps, seen in from the steps of our rustic cabin.  Been here summer and winter, both magical.
 Italy: the hillside in Verona.  In there is the Roman era theatre.
 Italy: Castello Scaligero, on the coast of Lake Garda
 France: Sandcastles on the French Rivera, on one of the beaches taken by the allies during WWII
 France: Carcasonne, full medieval fortress.  You can still go in and shop modern shops in ancient stalls.
 France: the sunflower fields stretched for miles and miles.
 France: Normandy beaches (this is Utah beach, but we also went to Omaha)
 France: American Cemetery at Normandy.
 France: Paris.  Second time.  This time we were 10 years older, married, and with our children.
Belgium and Luxembourg: we had little time, but we got the chance to see them both.
Croatia: Plitvice lakes.  Top 10 waterfalls in the world, and for very good reasons.
 Slovenia: Castle Predjama.  Built into the cave system behind it, perched on the hillside.  AMAZING.
 Italy: Venice.  Second time, first time I hated it, this time rocked.
 Greece: Corfu water is an amazing color.
Greece: Santorini.  Didn't meet any French archeologist, but did enjoy the fabulous black sand beach.
 Greece: Athens, the Parthenon.  I'm a history major, and I was stoked to be there, to put it mildly.
Montenegro: Kotor.  Medieval city, amazing architecture.  The fortifications climb the entire hill side.

 Croatia: Split, Diocletian's Palace.  Late Roman Emperor, this was his retirement house.

Slovenia: country side on the way to Castle Predjama and Postojna caves.

We had an amazing three years here.  I guess this is my way of saying goodbye.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Mom and Grandma

I'm not so much starting this back up as I'm just adding stuff to make it easier for my Mom and Grandma to see it! I've closed comments, so don't feel like you need to comment. No one every did, but now I feel like you can't and that's better for my ego then won't. Heh, anyway. Here's pictures of the house. Enjoy!

So, this is the first way I did the canvases over the table. Didn't like the one on the right so I redid it. And you can see the quilt top that I haven't finished laying over the back of the couch.
This was my fix to the canvases. Now I really like 'em! And the one on the right has a bit of yellow in it like my walls do. Like I planned it or something:)
Curtains! They make so much of a difference! Though I never got the ones done for over the patio door, and as I'm leaving in about 3 months it ain't gonna happen for this house.
Couch flat against the back wall, love seat pulled out at an angle. Works so much better then it did before. I had intended to put all the family photos up over the couch with a clock, but it didn't happen. Now all the photos are packed up and ready to move!
I ended up just using the charm pack for the middle since I loved the toile so much and since it still worked so well. I haven't actually finished the middle one yet, I will admit, but it still works. One of these days I'll actually add a border and nail it down.

I love the bubble fabric over the TV! This looks different now, though, because I got an actual tv stand and moved the green cabinet elsewhere. I'll have to take a new picture and put it up later.

Well, that's how I got the house looking. I'm loving the blue and brown. I'm really happy with how it all came together!