Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am alive

Though, not Frankenstein. Um. You know, the whole it's alive thing... Anyway.

I've been remiss on this little blog, both in not telling you about what's going on and for not blogging in general. Here's the thing. We are moving. Yep, imagine that, a military family is moving! Shocking:) But we are moving to Hungary, which is a little different then moving to Virginia, ya know? I've been packing like a mad woman so we can put our stuff in storage and I've literally touched every item that we as a family own. All of it. Gah. It's shocking how much gunk we were carrying around with us, and it had to go. Like the stinky cheese from 4 months ago that you forgot about in the middle drawer, it was just bad. Bad bad bad. So, now that I am within striking distance from my goal I figured it was time to sit and write.

Now, Hungary. Yep, can't wait! Here's Budapest:

And this is the area we will be in (sorry the pictures are small, can't seem to make em bigger):

We've been overseas before, in England, but this is more of an adventure then that. This is a brand new base, just being set up, in a country with a very challenging language (and only 10% of people speak English). We are both crazy excited and can't wait!
So, that's why I haven't been blogging. No time, and no crafting! And I didn't want to talk about the assignment too early as I didn't want to jinx it! But I hope to be around more... And there is a chance that I'll have actual projects to show soon! Cause I'm moving in with my folks for a few months while the Hubby gets in country and the AF gets everything together. This both means help entertaining the chillins as well as being around someone that inspires quilting! And she has quilting frames! Bonus:) They are actually my Great Grandmother's quilting frames, on which many a quilt was tied. Ah, family, how sweet it is:)