Monday, August 25, 2008

Motivation apparently, well, motivated!

Seems that this has been a weekend of getting some stuff done. Amazingly, really, as I've been glued to the TV with the Olympics the last two weeks! Maybe now that that is over I can get back to the cleaning, organizing, and sewing!

Here is my motivation at work: (Before pics here)

There are still a few things to find homes for, there always is! But at least I'm making progress. Part of what came out is now just sitting in my garage since there were a few random things of cleaners up there. Now I have to figure out where the local hazardous waste centers are to get rid of that, and that's one more thing off the list! But with the possibility of a big move I've got a lot of motivation to get stuff cleaned up, moved out, sold and tossed. I figure that even though Jade is done, I'll just keep plugging along with her idea:) I'm sure you will see (hopefully) a bunch of great clean rooms in the months ahead!

As for quilting, the project I'm currently working on is one of those I'll-show-it-to-you-after-I-mail-it types... Though I have a ton of things on the list, so stay tuned to see what I accomplish!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Holy Moly, it's finished! All that's left is to put it into the washer and mail it. Hallelujah!!I would have prefered to have been able to use the teal print, as the orange makes it a spicy quilt! But it wasn't to be, and the orange is striking. At this point it's gonna stay or I'm gonna chuck the whole quilt:) I'm a happy girl at the moment!

Crafty Giveaways

Jen over at Crafty Giveaways has Disney Princess panels she's giving away. Though I really suggest you wander over anyway as she is a neat lady and had some great giveaways! Check it out:

Oh, and I'm going with the Orange. Jacquie and I both like the idea of the bias, but as I'm still just struggling to get the darn binding on the thing I think I'll avoid the first time bias thing for today! And since both she and A Spoonful of Sugar echoed my thoughts of the dynamic element of the orange that's what we are doing. I finally got the quilt square and got the orange cut (a very bit larger then the dolphins strip) and have it about halfway attached. So far so good. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, how to say this.... I managed to lose the Dolphins binding. Yep. Lost it. And the very sad thing is that I never left the house with it. So, where did it go?? Ah, anyway. That all leads me to wonder what to do instead. I have a few options, lets see if any of you have an opinion:
There's the different, but complimentary, green:

The backing and strip green, on the grain:
Same on the bias:
Or the Orange... But note that I had to get more of the orange and it doesn't quite match:

On a more personally positive note I got the borders on the strip quilt. If you all don't remember, I pieced the backing for Grandma's quilt and it was too much, so the backing ended up as a topper for me. Being smaller then I wanted it (it was a baby quilt size) I added the borders to help make it a full size. I'm really happy with how it turned out; Rob told me it was very summery, which I'll take as a compliment!

Friday, August 15, 2008

An update

Well, I am happy to report that I'm making progress. The Dolphins quilt has finally had the binding pulled off (only took 2 weeks:) and I cut and pieced my first Soldiers Angels quilt. This is for the Blankets of Belief. Here's it all cut out:

I managed to get the whole thing pieced yesterday. You'll have to excuse the pic, it's actually upside down! Oh well, you get the idea:) I'm really happy with it and I wasn't sure I would be, to be honest. When I had the pile of fabric sitting together I just couldn't see a quilt. The fabrics are all so busy that the lack of contrast really threw me. The tan pieces were my saving grace, really, since they bring the busy-ness down and give it some interest.

And the backing:

And now on to the, ahem, fun stuff... Cleaning! Jade at Chikaustin had a series where she exposed herself and I had to go along for the ride! Though, to be honest, I've managed to bust time by a bit. I wanted to get the laundry room and the garage done by the 16th. Well.... Not so much. But we may be moving soon (like very soon) and far away (like very far away) and so now I have to expedite. So here is the first set of my series. No after shots yet, but you can see where I'm starting and will be waiting with bated breath for the after shots! Sure, why not:)

So, this is the laundry room. I'll be out of town this weekend so I'll start in on it on Monday and will post pics of the after. Cause I gotta get it done, might as well let you all come along for the ride!

And last, but seriously not least, is my new layer cake! Oh, so excited! As soon as I saw Lila Tueller's fabric and I just had to have it. I was beyond excited when my local shop had a Layer Cake and Charm Packs of Woodland Bloom. I love the fabric so much that I'm just gonna do squares and let the patterns and the colors of the fabrics speak for themselves.

I really love the way the fabrics look together, such an amazing line. Can't wait to get it started!