Monday, August 25, 2008

Motivation apparently, well, motivated!

Seems that this has been a weekend of getting some stuff done. Amazingly, really, as I've been glued to the TV with the Olympics the last two weeks! Maybe now that that is over I can get back to the cleaning, organizing, and sewing!

Here is my motivation at work: (Before pics here)

There are still a few things to find homes for, there always is! But at least I'm making progress. Part of what came out is now just sitting in my garage since there were a few random things of cleaners up there. Now I have to figure out where the local hazardous waste centers are to get rid of that, and that's one more thing off the list! But with the possibility of a big move I've got a lot of motivation to get stuff cleaned up, moved out, sold and tossed. I figure that even though Jade is done, I'll just keep plugging along with her idea:) I'm sure you will see (hopefully) a bunch of great clean rooms in the months ahead!

As for quilting, the project I'm currently working on is one of those I'll-show-it-to-you-after-I-mail-it types... Though I have a ton of things on the list, so stay tuned to see what I accomplish!