Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm sorry this post has been so long in the writing. I think many of the readers of this little space have gotten the idea that I'm not really, er, posting and all. And as it's a blog a lack of posting seems silly. It had gotten to the point that I really only update with Mom's quilts as I've only finished one quilt in the last year. I've done some tops, but that's not quite the same thing. At this point I don't really have anything to tell anyone anymore. I can only show you so many of Mom's before even that runs out. At first I thought blogging would keep me motivated to sew but I've not been quilting much and I feel bad that there isn't anything to post. Because I feel like I should be updating I start to feel guilty that I'm not and that isn't what this is suppose to be about.

So, with all that said, I'm gonna end this blog. It was a tough choice and I dreaded actually making it fact, but the truth is that I'm just not going to be updating any time soon and it's better to actually say good bye then to just let it fade away.

Thank you all, so very much, that have stuck around and read this little piece of my world. It has meant a great deal to me that you all care enough to stop by. I just wish I had more to give!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Momma's Valentines quilt

Mom bought these cute Valentine prints a few years ago now and this is the second incarnation of blocks for her! The first time round they just didn't speak to her, so into the closet they went! This time when she pulled them out she knew exactly what she wanted to do with them. And it's so cute!! Dad says that Little J is going to claim this when we go home next time and I think he's right. Mom said that was fine, it could be her quilt while at Mom's house! Hah! I think Mom likes it too:) I think it's fab, can't wait to see it in person!
And I seriously love that stripe for the binding, too cute.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some of Momma's stuff

Well, I'm working on some stuff (amazingly) but haven't finished anything (not amazingly) so I thought that I'd show the 4 of you that aren't family a few quilts Mom has done. I'm a bad daughter, I didn't even ask or anything! Shame on me. But I'm still gonna share cause they are too cute not too!
So, this is my kids room at my parent's secondary home. The ceiling has an orange in the pattern (circa 1960's ceiling tiles!), my Aunt made a joke about doing the room orange, and well, here you go! Mom ran with the idea and they are sooooo cute! It's totally not Mom, but they are a fun combo and are darling together.
More white for The Girl, more orange for The Boy:) She made the shams to go with it, and matching note boards above the beds. I'm pretty sure she is envisioning a place to store all the artwork the kids create and right now they have a picture of their respective child on them.
I have to admit that I wasn't huge on borders till these quilts. I think they ended up being my favorite part!
This next one was made to live at the house of Mom and Dad's good friend that is gonna be a Grandma soon.
This is Amy Schimler from the Animal Party line.
At first she wasn't going to use a dog print cause Alice works Animal Control and is seriously a dog and animal lover; she thought it might be cliche! But, seriously, who can resist Amy Schimler?? And she added more cute borders. Seriously, she is winning me over the this border thing!
So, yeah, Mom has talent! Like me she has very few of her quilts that live at her house. Most live with someone else. She's always willing to give the gift of a quilt!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I haven't died or left the planet...

I just haven't had much to show lately. I only had one quilt related finish last year, and I'm shocked to admit that I already have a finish for this year! I figured that since there are a few of you that still amazingly check this little lost space I'd show you. Get ready for a lot of orange... Swirly quilting, still straight line. That's what you get when you quilt with no walking foot, especially with flannel!
The back isn't what I would have picked, but being in Hungary I haven't found a shop that has what we quilt with (read polyester as far as the eye can see), so I dug deep in the stash and found something that mostly worked. And then I pieced the heck out of the orange and bears fabric I had left over to tie it in.

My first pinwheels (which is sad as I adore pinwheels) and I'm happy with about 75% of them. And the rest? Eh, this was made for a very good friend of the family and he a) won't notice seams not matching and b) will be in love with a quilt of his beloved Bears, made just for him by me. He's been asking for one since I did the Dolphins quilt 2 years ago so I'm happy to get this to him. Back then he asked if one had to get cancer to get a quilt (I made the Dolphins quilt for a friend going through Chemo) and I told him that if he ever married his girlfriend I'd make him a quilt. Well, guess what? The wedding is on Saturday, so I made sure to get this done:) I'll admit that I'm happy to be quilting again. I've been away so long!
This is the whole thing, toes included. It's very orange but Steve will love it. This is actually quilt one of two. The other is a baby blanket for a another Steve that's, er, 3 months old now! Gah, well... I'm sure I'll get it done before his first birthday anyway:)