Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I haven't died or left the planet...

I just haven't had much to show lately. I only had one quilt related finish last year, and I'm shocked to admit that I already have a finish for this year! I figured that since there are a few of you that still amazingly check this little lost space I'd show you. Get ready for a lot of orange... Swirly quilting, still straight line. That's what you get when you quilt with no walking foot, especially with flannel!
The back isn't what I would have picked, but being in Hungary I haven't found a shop that has what we quilt with (read polyester as far as the eye can see), so I dug deep in the stash and found something that mostly worked. And then I pieced the heck out of the orange and bears fabric I had left over to tie it in.

My first pinwheels (which is sad as I adore pinwheels) and I'm happy with about 75% of them. And the rest? Eh, this was made for a very good friend of the family and he a) won't notice seams not matching and b) will be in love with a quilt of his beloved Bears, made just for him by me. He's been asking for one since I did the Dolphins quilt 2 years ago so I'm happy to get this to him. Back then he asked if one had to get cancer to get a quilt (I made the Dolphins quilt for a friend going through Chemo) and I told him that if he ever married his girlfriend I'd make him a quilt. Well, guess what? The wedding is on Saturday, so I made sure to get this done:) I'll admit that I'm happy to be quilting again. I've been away so long!
This is the whole thing, toes included. It's very orange but Steve will love it. This is actually quilt one of two. The other is a baby blanket for a another Steve that's, er, 3 months old now! Gah, well... I'm sure I'll get it done before his first birthday anyway:)