Monday, September 1, 2008


I almost didn't write this post, but I feel compelled for some reason. Tonight I read a crafty blog by a woman who, in essence, accused conservatives of being murderers. Yep. Made the comment that it isn't liberals that assassinate people, it's the conservatives that have the guns. Needless to say I won't be reading her any longer.
My point isn't that she shouldn't say what she believes, it is instead that we each need to understand why we believe what we believe. Does she really believe that conservative kill people? Does she really believe that it is only the right on the political spectrum that have evil among them?? I am shocked at such an allegation.
So, I won't read her. I won't spend my precious free time conversing via blog with someone who is so one sidedly angry.
Which is why I don't post politics or religion here. This is my soft space, my space full of sewing, fabric, family and joy. Not anger, not one sided abuse.


Okay, now on a different note, I'm going to start a few new things here in September. One will involve giving away fabric I will simply never use; the other is more posting of quilts done by my family, and of my own musings on what quilts are. I've decided to follow along here with Mr.Monkeysuit (though really all I blog about is quilts as is:) The point is that I've really only blogged about the quilts I've made as I've made them (oh, and cleaning!)... Not much of me in there, so I'm gonna start expanding a little on the things I talk about, even if it is still quilt related:) So I may be posting more regularly, but not always with something done by me! Hope you all will enjoy:)
And hope you all have a soft, safe place to be in your own life.