Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, how to say this.... I managed to lose the Dolphins binding. Yep. Lost it. And the very sad thing is that I never left the house with it. So, where did it go?? Ah, anyway. That all leads me to wonder what to do instead. I have a few options, lets see if any of you have an opinion:
There's the different, but complimentary, green:

The backing and strip green, on the grain:
Same on the bias:
Or the Orange... But note that I had to get more of the orange and it doesn't quite match:

On a more personally positive note I got the borders on the strip quilt. If you all don't remember, I pieced the backing for Grandma's quilt and it was too much, so the backing ended up as a topper for me. Being smaller then I wanted it (it was a baby quilt size) I added the borders to help make it a full size. I'm really happy with how it turned out; Rob told me it was very summery, which I'll take as a compliment!