Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween is Jaina's favorite time of year, so she asks that we do serious decorating.  I put halloween fabrics over the existing canvases to make it more festive.

Our pumpkin section.  Though they've reclaimed the cups, so I lost those!

Again, fabric over canvas.  Simple, easy.  The spiders are paper spiders that I just stuck in the corner, one from each kid.

Wood paitings I did back in the day, like a decade ago.  They are still cute though!

Mom's handy work around the house, too.  Made, oh, 25 years ago?  Still kickin'!

One of Jaina's walls.  She's been adding to this one, and to another.  I'll update those later:)

So this was the first draft.  Franky in the doorway, Halloween quilt on the couch, canvases covered in fabrics, and family crafting spread through the house.  It's cheery and fun, and it made the girl happy, which is really what I care about!