Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween costumes

Last year I didn't make costumes as they wanted to be superheroes and I wasn't up to all that.  Especially as B wanted to be Captain America.  Thanks, but I ain't sewing that:)  This year, however, was much easier.  J wanted to be a Barbie Three Musketeers character from one of her movies, which included a ball gown, cape, mask and sword.  Done!  B was a medieval soldier.  For both costumes we picked up bits and pieces from here and there during our travels.  Her sword, his shield and his helmet came from parts of France, and his sword was from Germany.  Her mask we bought in Venice, and his collar is from his dad's old stuff.  The tabard and dress were made be me.  Fun times, and they have cool souvenirs!
(Forgive little B's face, I felt more comfortable adding an odd mask to the ensemble than just posting his face.  )

 I had a pattern for a dress I loved, but it was too small.  I had a pattern that was the right size, but not really the right dress.  Shockingly, I mixed the two and came up with something that worked fairly well.  I learned a lot about dress construction from the process, that's for sure!

 She really wanted a cape, and I wasn't sure how to add one.  I didn't want to tie it around her neck, you would have lost the ball gown effect of the dress.  This was my idea, I added a few diamond looking buttons to the back, and added holes to the cape.  Removable, cute, and still fancy, DONE!

B's was fairly easy, just a basic tunic.  I was going to leave the sides open, but he wanted actual sleeves.  Fortunately I hadn't narrowed the sides yet and had plenty of room.

For her belt I actually stitched on the ribbon.  I didn't want it sliding up, and so this worked best.  I left a section not stitched down so we could tighten it slightly and tie a big bow.  I added this bit of ribbon so she could carry her sword and not have the hook look weird on the dress.  All in all I think it worked out well!  I added a slip skirt underneath that had a ruffle to both bulk up the skirt and to add the contrasting ruffle.  Fortunately I'd already made one!  Came in handy.

They were both really happy with their costumes, and they were both awfully cute in them.  I'm glad I took the time to make them, as I am every year I get the chance.  It's a bit of work, but I love the fact that they get what they want, and they get to be unique.  It's a joy for me!