Friday, July 4, 2008

the 4th

Happy 4th of July! Since the Hubby is working, I braved the parade alone:
Turns out the the Hubby managed to get a half day off so we will be heading to fireworks this evening! Whoo-hoo! First fireworks since '05!
And I got some quilting done! This is a big deal, as the last thing my poor little sewing machine tackled was the first of June! And here it is:
HOWEVER! It's a cheater:) It's a piece of pre-pieced cloth, off the bolt. It's pieced, just not by me:) All I did was add a backing (didn't worry about batting for a summer quilt) and did a french seam. You know me and my french seams!
Here's the seaming done in a sorta star decorative stitch. I'm rather happy with it, it makes me happy!
Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful day!