Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quilt Festival

I planned on posting this yesterday, but with a sick 3 year old my time was spent cuddling on the couch! I did want to still play along, though, as I have such fun going through all the blogs and seeing all the quilts.

This is one of my favorite quilts, mostly because I figured out the pattern all on my own. I was new to quilting (this was all of a year ago:) and I was so amazed that I was actually able to figure out sizing, cutting, and I got the whole thing together!I did have issues with the binding, and this is actually the second binding to go on this quilt, but I sure learned a lot! It's amazing what you learn with a seam ripper in your hand. It may have taken me forever, but I finally managed to get it into the hands of a good family friend at a time when he needed the reminder of friendship. For me that is what quilting is all about, being able to wrap someone you care about in a physical reminder of love.

Thanks for stopping by!