Sunday, November 1, 2009

Costumes this year!

I finally got the make the kids costumes! Years previous one thing or another has kept us from making costumes, but this year they were done at home!

Er... Some took more work then others:)

This is Jaina's Dorothy costume "Before". I HATED it and so I tore the straps off, made them smaller and placed in a different spot, and then sewed it all back up.

And actually that was a pain since the straps are sewn into the waist band and top stiched on. But it was much better the second time 'round.

For Brendan I made the hat (I made a hat!!), topstiched on a muslin collar, and added yarn "hay" at the hands and feet. I figured that would be tons more comfortable then actual straw.

Finally the fun part, the patches. Loved that bit!

We used corduroy pants and a fleece pullover as the base and added the elements. It was effective and meant I didn't have to do his from scratch. Whew!
My Mom always made my costumes and I always felt more special for it. It was something that was important to me, even at a young age; so important, in fact, that I've wanted to do it for my own kids. Even though the seam ripper sat at my side, I had a ton of fun.
I have to admit,
I loved the outcome.

And you know what? I think they approved:)