Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Mom and Grandma

I'm not so much starting this back up as I'm just adding stuff to make it easier for my Mom and Grandma to see it! I've closed comments, so don't feel like you need to comment. No one every did, but now I feel like you can't and that's better for my ego then won't. Heh, anyway. Here's pictures of the house. Enjoy!

So, this is the first way I did the canvases over the table. Didn't like the one on the right so I redid it. And you can see the quilt top that I haven't finished laying over the back of the couch.
This was my fix to the canvases. Now I really like 'em! And the one on the right has a bit of yellow in it like my walls do. Like I planned it or something:)
Curtains! They make so much of a difference! Though I never got the ones done for over the patio door, and as I'm leaving in about 3 months it ain't gonna happen for this house.
Couch flat against the back wall, love seat pulled out at an angle. Works so much better then it did before. I had intended to put all the family photos up over the couch with a clock, but it didn't happen. Now all the photos are packed up and ready to move!
I ended up just using the charm pack for the middle since I loved the toile so much and since it still worked so well. I haven't actually finished the middle one yet, I will admit, but it still works. One of these days I'll actually add a border and nail it down.

I love the bubble fabric over the TV! This looks different now, though, because I got an actual tv stand and moved the green cabinet elsewhere. I'll have to take a new picture and put it up later.

Well, that's how I got the house looking. I'm loving the blue and brown. I'm really happy with how it all came together!