Thursday, March 27, 2008


In January I decided to throw myself into my quilting, and try to get past some of my intimidation issues. Yes, that's right, my quilts intimidate me! (I've yet to do a border:) So, I figured if I plan to make a quilt a month I would start to feel more comfortable with quilting and have fun to boot! This is my first quilt for the year; I did it in February, about 2 days before Valentine's day. This isn't my first quilt, but it is the first traditionally pieced quilt in over a decade. Yea for me:) I am rather happy with it, and I learned a bit while doing it... Thing like my foot isn't a 1/4 inch, which is good to know! I'm hustling on my March quilt, I'm in the process of quilting it. That being said, however, and I have to admit that I put it down for about 2 weeks cause it's fighting me. My idea with my personal challenge was to learn, to have a goal, but to have fun with it.
So, as I do more I'll upload more! And this is a great place to keep track of this... Double cool!