Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grandma's is done

I got Grandma's quilt done, though I haven't started on my own yet. The kids and I are headed to southern Utah, and though it's not as hot as it usually is, it's still much much hotter than here. Since it only get's to the upper 70's on nice days shorts and skirts aren't exactly staples in our wardrobe, so I was on a skirt/shorts sewing kick for a while. I still have to sew in elastic on 2 shorts and the straps on one dress (after that I'll show ya). But here is Grams quilt:

I cheated and used a french seam for this, and stiched in the ditch with the same decorative stich. I had to use a straight stich to start the seam (you can see it here), cause the decorative stich kept gunking up and not moving (but as this is just a fun quilt I'm not worried about it). My thinking was simple: this isn't going to be used too often, a french seam can be pretty strong, and, well, I'm lazy! Oh and I hate handsewing. There are a few of you fainiting right about now, but it's true, I suck at it and as such I hate it. Yes, I know, if I did it more I wouldn't suck and I might not hate it, but there it is!
I'm gonna be out of town for the week; hopefully when I get back I'll show ya all the other stuff I've been up to!