Monday, June 30, 2008

I am still here

I swear, I am still here! It's been hectic around here, more so then I had thought it was going to be. It's suppose to be summer (though, round here we don't exactly see the sun too often), and I'm suppose to be quiltings, sewing, you know, catching up! And yet... And yet, I haven't sewn since I made shorts and finished Grandma's quilt; goodness, that was a month ago! We have had a busy time lately, it seems, and the ending was Little J turning 4.

I did manage to make this little dress for Little J before we left; however, I still need to attach the shoulder straps. And this is a really fuzzy picture. Sigh. Oh well, it's cute, and she will have fun in it, and really, that's what matters:)

And this is Little J on our way to Disneyland. We've been before, but this was special as it was for her birthday. She had fun:)

I'm not sure how life manages to move at such a pace, but there it is! I'm currently making a list of all the quilts I have to make. Cause, see, I have an inability to buy "stash fabric"... I tend to buy "quilt fabric". I see a print I love, and then procced to find at least 2, 3 or 4 other peices to go with it. So I don't have stash fabric, I have stash quilts! 17 so far, and that was just the last count. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. But, at least I enjoy looking at it all, imagining the quilts I could, uh, make... If only I ever sat to quilt! Oh well. So here is a (very) small smattering of my "quilt stash". These are a few of the ones that cross my mind often and, therefore, are higher on the "to get done" list! I'll let you know how it goes:)