Monday, July 7, 2008

More french seams, and the great scissors incident

Since my kids go to day care they take a lightweight blanket with them. Normally they have one. And I, ahem, generally remember to wash it over the weekend. Right, 'course I do. So when we were in Utah we stopped at this great little quilt shop I always go in (as they have a great selection of sweet fabrics). They certainly didn't let us down (they never do), we found tons of really cute flannels! (As well as some great fat quarters, but more on them another time.) My kids are very male-female. Little J found, and jumped for joy over, Strawberry Shortcake fabric, and Little B finally decided between the sports and the firemen. (Sports took the day:) I finally managed to sit down and get them put together. 'Cause, you know, we've been home a month. And this is what came of the day:
Now, if you look closely at Little B's quilt you'll notice an odd spot... On the edge of the front... By the soccer ball... Ending about where the basketball is. Yep it's this:

I had walked out of the room for a moment... When I walked back into the room my precious (sigh) two year old was practicing his cutting skills with my scissors and his blanket. Grr. But, at least it was his and not his sisters! And, really, this 3 inches of zigzag just adds to the story, right?

These are easy little blankets, just two single yard pieces of fabric, pillowcase seam, turned, over stitched (this time, no decorative stitching:). Simple, cute, easy! Yea me:) I also managed to get a few pillowcases done for Little J for, well, her pillow. Heh. Anyway, I am happy to be back at my sewing machine, and seeming to be getting things done.

Speaking of which, I could use a few opinions. I grabbed a charm pack that I really liked and quickly pieced it. It now looks like this:

Which I really like. I have a thing about rainbows, just ask Mom to get out the photo albums that have my childhood bedroom! Anywho. The thing is, right there in the middle there's, well, there's an issue. See the light green, dark green, light blue square run above the light green, dark green, dark blue run in the middle? Notice all three are the same pattern? And notice that both spots on both rows that are this way?? You might not be able to see it well in this photo, I may have to tweak it a little to see it... But in person it seems to be glaring. Squiggle, squiggle, squiggle... Swirl, swirl, swirl. So, the question is: am I the only one who can see it? And if I'm not, does it really matter? Should I pull it all apart and fix it? Anyone? To shamelessly steal a line from a really great bloggin' lady,

::tap tap:: "Is this thing on?"