Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quilts for the Troops

Soldier's Angels:

I am a military woman. I served for 4 years, active duty Air Force, getting out as I was done to have my children. My husband is active duty, my Grandfather was active duty Army, my father was active duty Army, my uncle was actively duty Army (and was killed in Iraq); the list of family members is long and proud. It is in my blood, and in my heart. So when I heard of an organization that makes quilts for wounded soldiers, how could I not help?!? Last year I bought fabric for Soldier's Angels and, to my utter dismay and shame, never got the quilts done. So this year I am setting a goal for myself: 3 quilts done by the end of the year. The first quilt will be for Blankets of Belief because they need to be send in by November, and the other two as I finish the first.

Alright, a little more background then.

Blankets of Hope:

When injured troops need major medical attention they are airlifted to an Army hospital in Germany. Directly. This means that they have none of their personal affects, no change of clothes, no toothbrush, no deodorants, nothing. Soldier's Angels sets up backpacks that have needed supplies (like toothbrushes) and comfort type items (like a change of clothes); they also include something personal: a handmade quilt. The quilts are made and donated to be include in the packs and given to the soldiers once they come out of surgery. One can only image what how difficult it must be to be in a hospital, have nothing of your own, to be wounded, and to be alone. What kind of comfort it must be to hold in your hands the loving work of someone, done just for them, to have something of their own. I truly believe this is an honorable thing the Angels do.

Blanket's of Belief:

Many men and women are deployed through the holiday season, and many have been more than once. Being deployed during Christmas can be a very lonely thing; you miss out on the celebration, the sense of peace the season brings, being with family, all those things that yearly remind us of home, of family and of our history. Soldier's Angels collects patriotic themed quilts and sends them to the deployed troops during the holiday season as a way to let them know they are not alone, that what they are fighting for is important, and that they are remembered. A handmade quilt, to a lonely soldier, can be a moving thing.

Soldier's Angel also gives you a change to adopt a soldier, to be able to send a troop and his comrades care packages and letters, and to help make a lonely soldiers life a little more sweet.

If you are interested in this kind of charity work I've included the links. This really is an honorable charity, and an honorable thing to do. Thanks for your time all, I appreciate you listening:)