Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quilt month: 3

Well, time to talk stash.

This is my stash.

Heh, pretty huh?? I sorta went overboard with my stash, and, as a military family that moves often, the stash has to be mobile. Which is, of course, not nearly as condusive to quilt making as, say, this is. But, alas, we work with what we have!

I seem to be the type that becomes emotionally attached to my fabric and I wonder if I'm alone. I am the type to horde a fabric I love, afraid to use it because then its gone. AH! I'm estatic to see that I'm learning that fabric is much more satisfying in a quilt then it could ever be stuck in a few bins in my garage! I'm actually getting to the point of being excited to cut into a fabric I love and see it put into a quilt. Hey, progress! Whoo hoo!

The problem is that we are gonna be moving soon and I have to trim down. The thought of getting rid of any of it is difficult; I end up with quilts worth of fabric where I can just see the quilts in there... I see them... lurking!

I love to have fabric, I love to see it, to mess with it, to re-fold it. I actually take joy in figuring out how to fold the fabric just so, so that it fits perfectly in my bins.
Again because of the move I'm not sure of what to do about the amount of fabric I have. I really can't take it all with me. So keep watching and you'll see some fabric give-aways coming here soon.
The other problem is this:

And this:
I had a few holiday projects planned, that I'm obviously not going to need to make this year. It's kind of a sad thing to put away the ideas of the projects I wanted to do. But we have a great advanture awaiting us! I hope to sit down and write a post letting you all in on the adventure, where we are going, what we will be doing. Apparently I have a few things coming soon! Who knew:)