Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I know I've been rather quiet round here! We've finally gotten all settled into my parents house while Hubby is away. Though with all that has been going on I haven't, exactly, done much (read any) sewing! With Christmas coming soon I'll be headed to the machine to get some handmade goodies for under the tree. Don't know about quilts, I guess we will have to see! I have a bunch to update, but I'm really here to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

For me, Thanksgiving is a day to stop and remember; it is history and family, it is a day to relax and to think back on the year. My family have been movers for our history, we haven't been in the same town for more then two generations, and on a day like this I think back to their travels, their trials, and I wonder how they would see my newest journey. Would they be proud that I am willing to up and move to somewhere new? Would they be surprised I'd leave the place they worked so hard to get? And I wonder about the future of my children. Needless to say, today the future of our world seems uncertain to say the least. As my family was here at the time of the Revolution and the Civil war, I wonder what they would say to me, what advice they would give me, when I look on the horizon and see the clouds gathering.
But more then that I am thankful to live in a prosperous time, in a blessed land, and that I can continue to share the joy that this nation allows with my children.
So, to all of you, American or other, I hope today is filled with joy and family, of happiness and of the promise of the future.