Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A non-quilted project... But at least it was something!

Well, still not much going on here. Shocked huh? Since my machine is in storage and I've had to borrow Mom's machine to sew (which isn't a problem) I haven't seemed to be, well, in the mood to sew... But I did manage to make a few non-sewing related presents for my in laws and my grandmother.
I suppose I should mention here:

Grammy and Grampy Jordan, and Grandma Linda: if you are reading this and want to be surprised, stop now!

Okay. I don't think they actually read this, but you never know! So, anyway, on to the project!

Like all parents of young children, I have tons of art laying around. I mean really, there is no way I could find uses for all this art! I also like to send a sorta scrapbook to the above mentioned family members since they are far away and don't get to see the kids much; I figured out to use the art as the scrapbook pages. Yep, then they get the art without having to look at it and say, "Aw, neat! Um... What are we suppose to do with it??". So, without too much more rambling, here is it! Well, one anyway... And I'd better get the other in the mail tomorrow, or it isn't gonna be a Christmas present. More of a "It was gonna be a Christmas present, now it's just a present, present." (So much for the lack of rambling!)

Front. Cause, you know, I like to be helpful.

This way I actually got to put the kids art in there with photos from the year. It's a really fun way to show all the highlights for the family.

I even use the bits and pieces that I cut off the bigger sheets, and the small art. Waste not, want Chocolate. Hah! At least in my house:)
So, yeah, a fun gift to make. And I just upload all my pictures to Wal-mart and have them print them. I'm pretty much guaranteed to be there at some point in any given week so it's easy for me. Anyway, that's about it around here right now. I'm gonna try to get to some scarves tonight. They won't be too exciting (no new mouse traps round here) but I'll show ya anyway.... Can't wait, huh??