Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the road again!

Okay, I the only sewing sort of experience I've had so far is hacking decorator fabric up for curtains and pinning them to the window and buying more quilting fabric online. Cause, you know, I don't have enough fabric:)

Anyway, we been keeping busy and I thought I would show you with what. But it's after midnight and I'm tired:) Normally I don't mention my other blog cause there's political stuff on there and, you know, whatever. I don't go there here. However, I blogged our recent trip to VENICE on there so I'm gonna link to just that post. That way you can go see it without, you know, seeing the other stuff:)-

So, here it is: Venice

I'll probably be doing this for our trips... That way I only have to blog it once. And I swear I will get sewing. I will... If only I can figure out how to cut into that cute fabric with a rotary cutter, but no rulers or mats... Hmmm.. That was, perhaps, an oversight on my part.

Note to self, for future moves, send rulers and mat with cutter.