Thursday, April 2, 2009

This little girl

All for the love of this little girl. Neither Heaven nor Hell could stand in my way. Course all that I was fighting was scraps of fabric, but you know, whatever!

So, I did it. I cut into the Darla fabric. It's an bunch of ugly cuts I had to do with just scissor, but it'll get the job done:)

I had Little J "help" me lay out her quilt and she had a ball. I see another quilter in the family in the future! But then I redid it. Heh. And the I saw a few mistakes and redid it again... So... Yeah.

Huh? What?

This was my first layout. I fixed a few things, but you get the idea of how it's gonna look at the end.

Now I need to go buy a 220 Volt iron so I can get this wonky bunch of rows sewed into an actual flimsy. Yea:)

I'm very excited.

And I made a skirt for Little J. I hate it, she loves it, guess who won? Yeah, she wants to wear it all the time now. Trust me when I say I didn't really lose:)
Hope you all have the same kind of love in your life that I have in mine!