Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My stuff, Blocks and a Challenge

Well my household goods finally got here last week; this is both good and bad. Good cause it's nice to have my own stuff back, bad because it meant that there has been no time to work on anything sewing related. I did manage to steal time to cut out Little Bs quilt rectangles:

He had been asking to "make" his quilt like Little J had done, so since my cutting mat and rulers had shown up I cut them up for him. Isn't this a cute combo? A little Katie Jumprope and a few others that are escaping me at the moment. Oh well, I'll look it up if anyone just has to know. And I finally got one PIF gift done. Sadly I'm still working on the others. Maybe I will force a little sewing time now that my house is back together and the kids are back at school after their spring break (they take Easter seriously here) and get those all done so I can put them in the mail!

Speaking of finishes I am going to commit to Jaquie's April challenge Spring to Finish. My goals are to get the remaining 2 PIF gifts done and the kids flimsys done. That's only 4 projects. I think I can handle that!