Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sandi Henderson

I am in love with Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market fabric. Love, love, love. I bought a bit in the orange and green colors to go into quilts for my mom's house. Then I moved into a house with orange walls. Needless to say, Mom mailed that fabric back to me and this is what I did with some of it:


I stretched a bit of Playful Paisley and Petal Party over canvas (actually it was two pushed together to make it big as big as I wanted) and stapled it down with a normal stapler. I, uh, don't have a staple gun and I really wanted to do this project. The thing is that I love this fabric and I wanted to live with it every day. I adore it and I find myself buying chunks of it here and there. So it seemed very natural that I use it as art, I think of it as art after all!

Oh, and did you notice that Medallion Bloom on the widow? Yep, i still have to cut it to size and hem it but it is so going to be the curtain here and in my bathroom.

Did I mention I love Farmers Market??

When I heard Sandi was busy doing another fabric line I literally did a little dance. I can't wait!