Saturday, March 28, 2009

PIF, and new fabrics

Firstly I blogged about part of our trip to Lake Balaton here. Enjoy:)

Okay, so here's the deal... My first year of blogging came and went on the 25th, and my Pay It Forward one year mark passed yesterday (the 27th) and I only have one done. Not mailed, mind you, just finished! So, just being honest with you all, I'm not gonna do much for my one year mark! I'm still trying to figure out how to get the second PIF gift done, and the third will have to wait till my household goods get here (hopefully like the 9th of April) as the supplies got packed up. So, yeah, basically I suck. But at least one is done and will be winging its way to Liz sometime this week.

As far as new sewing goes, I'm running into a problem... How to sew something I can't cut?? I have no mat and no rulers to cut with and though I know that women use to have to cut with mere scissors (the horror!) I'm not very good at getting the cuts straight. Maybe I should do something wonkey, eh? That way straight lines aren't important... Hmmm....

Anyway, I ordered some new fabric for two reasons. First was a new green twin sized quilt for Little J (her quilt from Grandma is a full), and second, well, cause I wanted them! Here they are:

These are Little J's fabrics. Both kids are moving to smaller beds because they are now sharing a room. A room that is very green. Very green. Anyway, this isn't a bad thing, both kids have green in their color schemes, but both quilts are full size and are ending up filthy as they drag the floor. I was surfing Esty (like you do) and I saw this bundle and fell in love:It's Darla by Tanya Whelan (and a little Farmer's Market from Sandi Henderson) and I ordered from Lanie Jane Fabric at Etsy. I love fabric bundles; I'm the type that can't buy one cut of one fabric, I always end up with a bunch of coordinating stuff. So the bundles are a fun way for me to still get a chuck of coordination without have to order a ton of different cuts.

Um. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm thinking a brick quilt like this for her. I still have a pink and green stash coming that was suppose to be for her bed and I want to do a square in a square pattern... This quilt is more because I love the fabrics, and cause I wanna. Just keeping it real folks:)

This is the kids room. Green. That's all I've got to say about that.

Actually I like the green; it changes color through the day depending on the light and talk about a happy color!

The rest of the fabric are not assigned a project as of yet. They could go in J's quilt.... Or I could save them for me:)- Haven't decided yet!

And that, ya'll, is the big update. I'm sure I'll be showing you the updates of the rooms as I go along. Curtains and all that. Mostly for Mom and Grandma, but I'm sure that someone out there will be interested. I think. Maybe? Oh well, I'll still have fun blogging it anyway:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the road again!

Okay, I the only sewing sort of experience I've had so far is hacking decorator fabric up for curtains and pinning them to the window and buying more quilting fabric online. Cause, you know, I don't have enough fabric:)

Anyway, we been keeping busy and I thought I would show you with what. But it's after midnight and I'm tired:) Normally I don't mention my other blog cause there's political stuff on there and, you know, whatever. I don't go there here. However, I blogged our recent trip to VENICE on there so I'm gonna link to just that post. That way you can go see it without, you know, seeing the other stuff:)-

So, here it is: Venice

I'll probably be doing this for our trips... That way I only have to blog it once. And I swear I will get sewing. I will... If only I can figure out how to cut into that cute fabric with a rotary cutter, but no rulers or mats... Hmmm.. That was, perhaps, an oversight on my part.

Note to self, for future moves, send rulers and mat with cutter.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear readers:

Did you know that you are still out there?? Yep, just thought I'd share that bit of news with you. I, however, am still reeling at the notion! I wanted to let you know that we got to Hungary safely and soundly, and my sewing machine has as well! I, uh, haven't used it yet, but it's there waiting patiently for me. And i get a sewing room here!! Whoo and Hoo! I'll have to run around taking pictures of the house and the town to share... Though honestly if you want to be impressed with the town I should wait until spring. It's, well, it's dreary right now, to say the least. And interesting as well. There are obvious parts of town that scream Soviet architecture (such as it was) and is a reminder of what this part of the world has lived through. They are a quiet people that keep much to themselves; they have houses surrounded with fences; they have an old town of gray and the new buildings of riotous color. It's an interesting mix, and one that I'm looking forward to seeing more of. They are a personable people when you meet them one on one, but they are a quiet people that mostly keep to themselves.

I think I'll like it here.

So, hopefully I'll get pictures taken and some more stories to share with you all. Till then I'll just tell ya that tomrrow (the 2nd) is the second time I will (ahem) turn 29:)- As I will every year. I'm going to celebrate by oridering a bicycle jacket and some new fabric. Ah, and sharing my day, and my cake, with the three bestest people I could hope for.

Thank you all so much for still being out there. I don't handle rejection well and when I started this blog I had to just throw myself out there and hope for the best. That you all care and are still wandering about waiting for me warms my heart in a way I can't easily explain.

It's good to be back!

Oh, I should edit this to add at least one photo. This is my yard last week. Coming as we did from sunny, and in the 70's, California this was a bit of a change!