Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's kinda sad that in a matter of two generations we have gone from a society where women took pride in their sewing skills, and often made most of the families clothing, to a society where other women are shocked when I make quilts and jackets for my kids. It's amazing to them that such things are possible! Though, I do understand where they are coming from.

I only picked up sewing as an adult, really not until after I got married. It suddenly became important to me to feel like a woman and a mother and that, for me, meant being able to sew. This last Christmas I took the handmade challenge for my children (my husband is a pain to make stuff for), and I not ony had a ton of fun, but the kids liked the stuff I made just as much as a store-bought toy. Bonus: no lead paint!

On that note, here is the jacket I made (that has other mom's shocked that making a jacket is possible):

My daughter has turned very girly, as of late, and refuses to wear pants. It MUST be a dress! Fortunately I was still able to find some heavier weight leggings so she doesn't freeze. These are on my to do list for this week:

I doubt very much that I will get all these done, but it's at least on the list. I also have a really pretty purple cotton knit for a few new sets of jammies.

Oh, and I got all the quilting on my Dolphins quilt pulled out, so I'm gonna be working on that as well.

Ah, yeah, and I have a big Anatomy test Tuesday and a History test Wednesday. Should be an interesting week!