Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The only "quilting" this week

So far this week this is the only thing I've gotten done. I call it "quilting" because there are two layers and I ran seams. However, this is really a cheater quilt! I promised a little lap quilt for my daughter that would fit in the car and a backpack easily, and this is it. She LOVES the whole princess thing and we found this as a scrap piece. It is 44x26, cotton front and flannel back.
(click either image for a larger view)
I did a simple french seam (with a decorative stitch) because this isn't exactly an heirloom piece! It was strong enough, and fast; I also quilted in between the blocks with a decorative stitch. It wasn't really necessary, but I thought it was a sweet effect and added more interest to the whole.
The quilting adds a neat effect onto the back as well. I'd have added the photo, but it didn't really translate well onto film. Just trust me that it's cool:)

My anatomy test yesterday went really really well, and I have my history test today. Hopefully that means that I will have time to sew tomorrow. Here's keeping the fingers crossed!