Saturday, April 12, 2008

Internet and "The Crud"

Well, my internet went down for a week, and then we were hit by "The Crud". The two little ones and myself... So far the DH hasn't been struck, we shall hope it stays that way! Needless to say this has kept both my blogging and my quilting at bay. It's not safe to quilt when you're afraid that it might not, well, stay clean, if I'm not being too graphic! I figure that I'll start putting some of my mom's wonderful work up while I'm not quilting.

Both the quilt on the wall and the bed were made by dear Momma. This was in our old house, prior to window treatments, while my DD was still co-sleeping with me (hense the no crib thing:).

Not exactly a great photo of this one, but it's all I can find at the moment. This is for my DS and is a crib size. I just LOVE the little bitty bear paws she did!

And this is the one he slept with most often. And you can even see the dear Momma's feet!

She made him a full size blanket that he sleeps with but, alas, I haven't gotten any photos yet. I will soon and post them when I get the chance. There are plenty more that she's done, but this is all I have photos of at hand at them moment. More to come, I'm sure!

So, thanks Momma, for wrapping my little ones in Granma's love!