Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can't believe I won! Thanks Sara!

I never win anything, so I can't believe that I actually won this adorable Kidlet from Sara at the Plaid Post. Thank you so much!! Little J took to it immediately and claimed it as her own; and, of course, decided the thing to do was to put her doggie inside and then to hit her brother with it. Make sense to me.

So far this is beginning to help. Cause, see, my kids think that the floor is the place all things are stored. Sigh. So, hopefully this will help. And did you notice a little something sitting on top of the fabric? Yep, turns out that this little extra that Jacquie sent me is sorta always with me when I sew. I use to have the ubiquitous tomato, but seriously, how much more fun is this?? Amazing how many talented, and generous, women there are out there. And how luck am I to have met a few!
On a sadder, and more frustrating note, I attempted the binding on the Dolphins quilt. Sigh. There is a reason I always do french seams ya know.

Needless to say I'm taking it all off and redoing it. I decided to add an orange binding and then to add the dolphins binding on over the top. The effect should be a peeper effect, but with the strength of the orange to hold it all together. Cause I forced it! The dolphins print is really too small for what I demanded it do, and to be totally honest, ahem, the quilt isn't totally square. So, yeah. Again, I'm gonna take it apart, square it, add the orange then the dolphins. Wish me luck!

And to Gramps, Liz and Cherri, I haven't forgotten about the pay-it-forward! Promise:) I have all the gear for everything; one is stitched and ready for pressing and finishing, one is sitting waiting to be cut, and the other just needs a sunny day. Hah, that should confuse ya:)